[Video] Clap for our Carers


This briefing is dedicated to thanking brilliant people all over the world who are caring for others during the coronavirus pandemic. In recognition of the fantastic work of the NHS in the UK we wanted to share some insights from those Brilliant Minds we know, who are working on the front line.

Join Professor Martin Elliott as he explains how perpetual improvement comes from data transparency and how life in medicine is a continuous negotiation with risk. Listen to Iain Hennessey explain how successful surgeons differentiate between normal and subconscious fear. Learn from Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée as she explains how doing the right thing can sometimes mean that you won’t be liked by everyone. And finally, gain inspiration from Professor Elaine Fox as she explains that giving yourself a bit more control in your everyday life can result in a more optimistic outlook.

Finally, don’t forget to show your appreciation for doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and all of our carers across the country who dedicate their lives for others at 8pm tonight by ‘Clapping for our Carers’.

Professor Martin Elliott – Internationally Renowned Surgeon
Iain Hennessey – Clinical Director of Innovation at Alder Hey
Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée – High Performance Executive Coach
Prof. Elaine Fox – Director of the Oxford Centre for Emotions and Affective Neuroscience

[Video] Navigating uncertain times


Since our beginning in 2014, Brilliant Minds has brought you the best insights from leading performance experts, adventurers, sports stars and high achievers – and from a diverse array of industries and backgrounds ranging from consumer, to healthcare, to finance, to entertainment. In an attempt to help you navigate the uncertainty that is upon us we have selected a few clips that we hope give you some helpful insights in this difficult time.

Dr. Frank Dick OBE – Performance Specialist, Coach & International Motivational Speaker
Prof. Elaine Fox – Director of the Oxford Centre for Emotions and Affective Neuroscience
Alan Chambers MBE – Polar Adventurer, Former Royal Marine & Motivational Speaker
Dr. Guy Meadows – The ‘UK’s Leading Sleep Expert’ and Co-Founder of The Sleep School
Neil Thubron – Executive Coach, Sales Consultant and Motivational Speaker