[Video] Inspirational stories


In this series of interviews, our Brilliant Minds experts share stories of critical moments in their lives, reflecting on how these experiences have changed and defined them.

Steve McCulley – Former Royal Marine, Entrepreneur & Racing Driver
Katharine Merry – 400m Athlete, Sports Broadcaster & Event Host
Gavin Hewitt – Writer, Broadcaster & Former Chief Correspondent at BBC News
Anthony Bennett – International Inspirational Speaker

[3D Model] Being brilliant in 2019


To kick off 2019 we have a one-off 3D interactive briefing for you. In this briefing our experts share 6 practical strategies you can implement right away to help make 2019 a brilliant year for you, your team and your organisation.


How it works

Tap the six touch points on the model to access the associated advice. You can rotate the model by dragging. Have fun!



Sacrificing that little bit extra

Be bold – what have you got to lose?

Move fast and break things


Staying Motivated day in day out

How to build resilience

Active listening is the key to getting at the real problems fast