[Video] Emotional intelligence


Traditional cognitive skills will only take you so far. Self-awareness of emotions, empathy and being able to manage emotions in others, are key to strong relationships. In this briefing our experts discuss the value of emotional intelligence to business leaders.

Tony Morris – The Sales Doctor
Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée – High Performance Executive Coach
Professor Martin Elliott – Internationally Renowned Surgeon
Dr. Tara Swart – Neurologist, Leadership Coach & Medical Doctor
Mark Russell – Executive Coach at Henley Business School

[Video] The most destructive thought


Autumn 2018 Season: New experts. New interviews.

“This is too big for me! I can’t do this” – is the most destructive thought you can have. However, when you hold responsibility there is no hiding. Being honest, adaptable and flexible enough to cope with change, surprises or failure is a crucial learned skill. Our experts discuss coping with responsibility, owning and learning from failure and doing the right thing when under enormous pressure.

Iain Hennessey – Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Katharine Merry – Athlete, Sports Broadcaster & Event Host
Professor Jo Delahunty QC – Leading UK barrister, Part-Time Judge & Professor of Law
Gavin Hewitt – Prominent Writer & Broadcaster