Dr. Tara Swart

Neurologist, Leadership Coach and Medical Doctor

Tara is a published author, global keynote speaker, faculty at MIT, guest lecturer at Oxford and Stanford and coaches some of the world’s most influential leaders.

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Tara’s areas of expertise include learning and habit formation, neuroplasticity, leadership, diversity, risk-taking and decision-making, creativity and innovation, resilience and mindfulness. Her areas of expertise include learning and habit formation, neuroplasticity, leadership, diversity, risk-taking and decision-making, creativity and innovation, resilience and mindfulness.

Tara is the only leadership coach with a PhD in neuroscience and a successful career as a medical doctor behind her. This unique combination of experience comes together to create an uncompromising and holistic impact on performance optimisation in businesses in the UK and USA.

Tara is passionate about disseminating simple, pragmatic neuroscience-based messages that change the way people work and sustainably translate to tangible financial improvement in business.

Tara offers Neuroscience consulting which includes individual brain-based coaching at CE level, team development workshops, in-house talks and conference key-notes. Tara also runs a program called “Leading sustainable performance”, which involves resilience monitoring, nutrition, hydration, physical exercise and mindfulness tools and techniques. It is designed for senior teams in businesses that need their people to do more with less and keep doing it, better and for longer without burning out.

Tara is at the forefront of the application of neuroscience to business. She is a published author of a book and over 20 articles in journals of neuroscience and coaching. She speaks globally on the brain in business at international conferences, blue chip corporations and at top business schools including Oxford, Stanford and MIT. She is regularly quoted in the Financial Times.

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“I have engaged Tara for coaching, workshops and also for a highly engaging talk to over 150 mostly senior bankers. Her material is fantastic – relevant, up to date, impactful and thought provoking. This really is “must-have” info, with important implications for the workplace. Tara’s professional delivery blends expertise with good humour – she is clearly an accomplished speaker. She had the audience captivated and handled a wide array of questions with ease and confidence”

Michael Brooke (CPsychol), UK L&D Lead, BNP Paribas


“We recently asked Dr. Tara Swart to speak at one of our Executive Education programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She received high remarks from our participants, who were mainly CFOs: “fascinating view on biology, behavior and business,” “inspiring” and “engaging and fun, repeat her!” We enjoyed partnering with her, and look forward to future opportunities”

Sherri Fujieda, Associate Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business


“Tara has proved to be an excellent speaker and coach. Her deep expertise brings her fantastic credibility and she is very collaborative in approach. There is a definite pull from the business to work with Tara more often”

Bill Lawry, Group Head of Executive Development & Talent, Centrica Energy

Neuroscience for Leadership: Harnessing the Brain Gain Advantage

Leadership can be learned: new evidence from neuroscience clearly points to ways that leaders can significantly improve how they engage with and motivate others, allowing them and their organizations to continue discovering their potential. This book provides leaders and managers with a guide to practical, effective actions, based on neuroscience, explained in an accessible way...

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3 simple habits that can protect your brain from cognitive decline per #MITSloan faculty @TaraSwart https://t.co/veJPrb2rGy
Learn more during her course Neuroscience for Business https://t.co/FSWYmpWmGn

@TaraSwart @FT @ftweekend I'm getting to the last chapters of your book and getting a board together and a journal. It's been one of those things that I have never really thought about before. Always felt like I never had the time but now I'm going to make time to make some changes. Thanks

it's not you - it's your brain and it's only cuz you're human!
"when you try something new, the body has a stress response, releasing cortisol and adrenaline. In other words, new things can be scary." - Tara Swart, neuroscientist

@nosoygiorocha Amigo te recomiendo el libro ‘The Source’ de Tara Swart

Re. insomnia:

A psychiatrist & neuroscientist (Dr. Tara Swart, senior lecturer at MIT) mentioned in a podcast that stress depletes magnesium, causing insomnia.

And that long term stress depletes so much that we can't get enough just by eating the right foods, requiring...👇 1/x

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