[Video] What is your super strength?


Do you know what you are bringing to your team? Identifying the ‘super strengths’ in yourself and those you work with, in addition to understanding what really drives you at your core and your values, will help you deliver your best. In these videos our experts discuss seeking self-awareness and what to watch out for.

Dr. Hannah Macleod – Double Olympic Medallist with the GB Women’s hockey team
Charlie Cannon – Transformational Health & Wellbeing Coach & Resilience Expert
Deborah Tom – Psychologist, Coach & Award Winning Leadership Programme Designer

[Video] Innovation is out there


Transformative ideas are never far away. They are hiding in plain sight, being used by other companies right now. In these videos our experts explain the benefits of talking to other industries to find inspiration for your next big step.

Professor Costas Markides – Chair of Strategic Leadership at the London Business School
Oliver Rees – Technology Expert & Co-Founder of OR/Innovation
Professor Martin Elliott – Internationally Renowned Surgeon