Dr. Hannah MacLeod

Dr. Hannah Macleod

Double Olympic Medallist with the Great Britain Women’s hockey team

As a member of the Rio Olympics gold medal winning team, Hannah uses her experience of the highs and lows of elite sport to deliver hands on, practical guidance about the core principles of effective teamwork and how to achieve a high performance culture.

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Hannah is a double Olympic medallist, with the record breaking Great Britain Women’s hockey team, culminating in winning Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She has a doctorate in Exercise Physiology and has built a successful nutrition business.

Hannah made her international debut for England in 2004 against Germany at the age of 19. Since then, she has amassed over 150 caps for England and Great Britain. Hannah was part of the team that won Gold at the European Championships in 2015, Bronze at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and Silver at the 2012 Champions Trophy in Argentina.

Before becoming a full-time hockey player in 2009, Hannah completed her PhD in Environmental Exercise Physiology at Nottingham Trent University after gaining a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University and a Post Grad Diploma in Sports Nutrition with the IOC. She continues to build her nutrition business, A Word On Nutrition, which helps build businesses based on science and delivers bespoke nutrition solutions to individuals and corporations.

Hannah’s international hockey career has been built on excellent self-awareness and ability to deliver time and again in a highly pressurised environment. Hannah believes the cornerstone to the Great Britain hockey team’s achievements has been the scrupulous attention to the culture, vision, values and behaviours developed within the group. She believes in the value of accountability, healthy conflict and an ability to work effectively with individuals with differing personalities as essential components to high performing teams. Hannah continues to work on her passion for understanding teams and high performance in her role as Head Coach at National League side St. Albans HC.

Hannah draws on experiences of significant setbacks in her career, such as England’s worst performance in their history at the 2014 World Cup, to provide valuable insights into the fundamental requirements of a performance culture and the core principles of effective teamwork. Hannah’s ability to articulate her personal learnings from performing in an elite sporting environment enables her to deliver insightful and personal presentations and candid Q&A’s.

During her presentations, Hannah reveals the critical success factors for achieving sustained high performance in teams. Offering an insight into the methods and strategies used by the Olympic Gold Medal winning Great Britain hockey team to move from 11th in the world in 2008 to Olympic and European Champions 8 years later.

Hannah talks about the notion of truly understanding yourself in order to build a culture on trust and how respect sits at the core of every great team. Raising self-awareness through a commitment to showing vulnerability, holding yourself accountable for your actions and accepting the benefits of conflict are essential for any high performing team and are bought to life through practical and engaging sessions.

The “mind of the team” is built on the strengths each individual brings to the group. Hannah also introduces the concept of “super strengths” and how high performing individuals can foster internal confidence and an understanding of their value to the group, regardless of status or rank, to ensure the team as a whole can perform under pressure and adapt to different challenges.

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“Hannah spoke from the heart in a humble, but confident manner. She was direct and self-critical sharing many anecdotes and learnings in her story. She had the audience’s complete attention throughout her well-constructed, logical talk and she generated a number of questions from the group at the end.

Hannah’s authentic style was a refreshing change, making it easier for delegates to relate to her story. Our team were inspired by her story and came away with a number of learnings and critical success factors for consistently winning teams.

I would confidently recommend Hannah as a highly motivational speaker to teams/ audiences who are enthusiastic about team effectiveness and achieving sustained high performance.”

Richard Jory, Vice President Global Key Accounts and Global Businesses, Shell International Petroleum Co Ltd


“I have put Hannah forward for a number of speaking engagements covering everything from live broadcast interviews to panel discussions. She’s bright, personal and passionate; all of which comes through regardless of topic or platform. Whether putting forward a well-researched point or answering an impromptu question from the floor, Hannah is a natural communicator and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Anthony Minoprio, Senior Account Director, JSC Communications


“I liked the fact she was so open and gave a real insight about how the Olympics experience was for her. She left plenty of time for questions too which was good as there were loads! She didn’t hold back on anything either. I really enjoyed it!”



There’s something quite special about experiencing the world without judgement.

Couldn’t agree more with this statement....with one exception - every team member is a leader of sorts - they have the responsibility to lead themselves first and foremost.

Thanks to @TheButlerMO for inviting me to share my Insights into a Golden Team @GBHockey

In our next edition, @hannahmacleod6 recalls her epic journey in the Clipper Race.

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