Oliver Rees

Oliver Rees

Technology Expert and Co-Founder of OR/Innovation

Oliver is passionate about the interaction between humans and technology. Coding from a young age, he is a Cambridge graduate and is the Co-Founder of ZZZ, which bridges the gap between psychology and cyber security to protect companies from hackers. Current speech topics include The New Innovators and Disruptive Technologies.

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Oliver is the founder of OR/innovation, a company that transforms the way that organisations understand and utilise disruptive technologies.

He has been coding since the age of twelve and worked at J.Walter Thompson (JWT London) helping brands like HSBC and the Army create digital experiences. He then went on to work at Decoded, where he was the Innovation Product Lead, designing global innovation initiatives for companies like Philips, ING and TalkTalk.

Educated at Westminster School and Cambridge University, where he read social and political sciences, Oliver has a passion for technology and believes that everyone can benefit from understanding and adopting disruptive mindsets. He has a particular interest in what is possible when technology and psychology are combined and strives to help people change their behavioural mindset.

As a speaker Oliver empowers and excites audiences by educating them on how to attract, enhance and engage talent in a digital age, demystifies tech concepts and stimulates discussions. He encourages businesses to ready themselves for a complete redefinition of their business model.

Oliver builds digital confidence in individuals by removing the fear around technology and encouraging people to investigate and critique new digital ideas. This process results in the creation of more productive and valuable conversations within companies.

Oliver’s company, OR/innovation, develops products that help organisations flourish in a world of disruption. OR/innovation’s first product is Master Disruption, an iOS and Android app that helps business leaders understand & exploit disruptive technology in their industry.

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Decision Making

“The enthusiasm from Olly was contagious. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation – general feeling was we could have dispensed with everyone else and just had him. This has reaffirmed my hope for the future generation.”

Richard Stoker, International Head of Proprietary Sales, CME Group


“Thank you very much for your fantastic presentation. Everyone was hugely impressed with your knowledge, confidence and stage presence. It really made all the difference you staying for the day, interacting with our guests offstage, and your ability to discuss the rest of our programme with ease.”

Lisa Dolan, Marketing Events Manager, CBRE


“Olly was fantastic as ever. Really really good. A number of good questions from the audience after too which I think Olly enjoyed. ABN my client are over the moon. Really happy.”

Dean Noble, Executive Dircector, CME Group


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Being stuck at home is a great opportunity to learn new things! OR/innovation is making all its Disruptive Technology explainer content free, including briefings on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and more. Have a listen here 👉https://t.co/gJZAG0uii1

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