[Video] Going up against Terror: “It’s a game of extreme chess”


You are crawling on your belt buckle towards a cleverly engineered terrorist weapon, are you ready for some extreme decision making under pressure? Chris Hunter shares his incredible experience of working in counter terrorist bomb disposal.

Major Chris Hunter QGM – Counter-Terrorist Bomb Disposal Specialist & Author

[Video] Fully committing to winning


Success, failure or injury, no single event should define you. Every experience in the journey towards your personal gold medal can be learnt from. In the videos below, our experts discuss what they have taken away from their challenges in the world of sport.

James Cracknell OBE – Double Olympic Rowing Gold Medallist & Adventurer
Will Greenwood MBE – Former Rugby Player, World Cup Winner & Entrepreneur
Paul Grayson – Former Rugby Fly Half, Broadcaster & Performance Coach
Matthew Syed – Journalist, Author & Former International Table Tennis Champion
Marc Woods – Paralympic Multiple Gold Medal Winning Swimmer, Broadcaster & Author

[Video] Making your worst day close to your best


Great performance relies as much on preparing your mindset as it does developing skill. Having control of your emotions and behaviour under pressure will ensure you can perform well consistently. Our experts share some useful insights into nurturing the mind.

Dr. Frank Dick OBE – Performance Specialist, Coach & International Motivational Speaker
Matthew Syed – Author & Former International Table Tennis Champion
Alisa Burke – Executive Wellness Expert
Richard Brimblecombe – Classically Trained Actor, Facilitator & Personal Coach
Major Chris Hunter QGM – Counter-Terrorist Bomb Disposal Specialist