Brigadier Phil W C Kimber OBE

Between 2000 and 2002 as a staff officer in the MoD he was responsible for coordination of military support to the police for UK domestic issues, principally terrorism and staffing of overseas capacity building tasks. This time included a further operational deployment to Macedonia.

In 2003 after commanding a Rifle Company in 1 WFR for nine months (which included the Fire Strikes and a further deployment to South Armagh) he attended the Advanced Command and Staff Course (ACSC). On completion of staff training and while attached to the Royal Marines, initially as Operations Chief of Staff and subsequently as a squadron commander, he saw further operational service in numerous locations including Afghanistan for which he was awarded the MBE.

On promotion to Lt Col in Aug 2009 he was posted as an instructor to ACSC where he ran a syndicate of tri-service Majors and Lt Cols (and RAF and RN equivalents). In Mar 2011 he assumed command of the 1st Battalion the Mercian Regiment. During his time in command the Battalion completed an arduous exercise in Kenya and deployed to Afghanistan for six months as the Transition Support Unit in Nad-i-Ali on Operation HERRICK 17. As a result of this deployment, he was awarded the OBE.

On promotion to Colonel in Aug 2013 he moved to the Operations Directorate in the MoD where he was responsible for strategic level planning and briefing to senior officers and ministers.

On promotion to Brigadier, he assumed command of 11 Infantry Brigade in Jan 2016, a force of over five thousand soldiers. For two and a half years he prepared and deployed two battalions on operations to Afghanistan, Iraq and South Sudan. He took part in numerous exercises in Kenya, developed and deployed a strategically important counter poaching operation that had ministerial and royal interest.

Simultaneously, he developed a close working relationship with the key militaries in the Asian Pacific which included regular visits to these key countries. He also trained and prepared his Brigade HQ to act as the rapid reaction Brigade for use anywhere in the world.

Latterly as the Director of the Army Division, he has been responsible for training all newly promoted Majors in the Army (over a five hundred a year on two seven month courses) and preparing them for the next stage of their careers. This includes crisis management and risk, leadership, operational decision making and planning and strategic studies.

Stephen Hewett

Working with leadership teams in both Public and Private sector organisations, Stephen has experience in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Stephen is a former Head of Business Consulting at Charteris Plc. He is also a former Development, Research & Expansion Manager at the world-famous John Lewis Partnership. It was here that Stephen gained much of his retail industry experience, progressing through training on the shop floor, to managing a department and, playing a vital role in the operations of the entire organisation.

Prior to his Retail and Consulting career, Stephen enjoyed a career in Aviation, where he held both management and flying roles. Stephen is also a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting.

‘What has been absolutely core to my three careers is my personal passion for helping my clients organisations align themselves to what customers need.’

Stephen’s views on people’s interactions stretch out far beyond the world of business. In fact, he believes emphatically that the philosophy of prioritising the agenda of customers’ needs in the social world in general, and in all areas of human contact, particularly international politics, has significant potential for benefit.

Stephen remains a partner of Charteris Plc and is now also a Director of Vantage Partners and a Founding Partner of C3 Partners, which specialises in helping organisations both in Private and Public sectors streamline themselves for maximum Customer Centricity.

Stephen spends much of his time heading major teams both in the UK and abroad that advise organisations at the very highest level and furnish them with a hands-on practical intervention that puts customers at the absolute forefront of the organisations activities.

Stephanie Davies

Stephanie has over 12 years experience working in the public and private sector and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading voices in happiness humour and laughter.

In past 12 years Stephanie has worked on projects and events developing everything from creating happy spaces and environments in schools and health settings to motivating and inspiring individuals and teams in large blue chip organisations as well as working on government initiatives to promote positive, happy lives and work.

Stephanie’s unique combination as an award winning stand-up comedian and her expertise and knowledge in psychology and business makes her one of the most sought after speakers on the business and after-dinner circuit.

Qualifications include: An M.A in The psychology of humour and laughter for personal growth; Dip1 CBT, Health psychology and Analytical psychotherapy B.A Hons in Community Arts; Advanced Skills in Creative business and Cognition, JMU; Graduate of The Health Care Intensive Programme, with Patch Adams MD USA; Graduate of Dr Madan Kataria’s Laughter Techniques Programme; NLP Practitioners Diploma; and is qualified in cognitive behavioural psychology and health psychology.

On top of her busy schedule, Stephanie is often asked to contribute to popular television programmes, such as Trisha, The Bank of Mum and Dad, BBC’s Heaven & Earth and ITV’s Stand-up Jenny. She is also a regular on BBC Radio. Her book, “Laughology: The Science of Laughter”, has received excellent reviews on Amazon, The Guardian Book website and Watkins book review.

Simon Shepard

Simon has been described as a nuisance. A Chartered Physiotherapist by profession, he is a disruptor who has worked in professional sport since 1991, predominantly at Lord’s cricket ground. In 2008 Simon co-founded Optima-life, a company that combines technology, training and coaching.

With a mission to provide a symbiotic learning culture between the sporting, corporate and health worlds, Optima-life has built up a significant client base in a variety of sectors and has worked on six continents. Work with clients challenges individuals and teams to assess their performance behaviours in a salutogenic manner.

Simon brings firsthand experience to his speaker roles and, with over 1.3b data points at his disposal, underpins content with psychophysiological data that brings the concept of KHPI (Key Human Performance Indicators) to life.

He regularly works with organisations who believe that their people are an essential catalyst for performance, productivity and purpose.

Deborah Tom


Deborah Tom is Chartered Occupational Psychologist and has been Managing Director for nearly twenty years of, a management consultancy that has won awards for work on strategy, employee engagement, developing capability and culture.

A Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Certified Management Consultant, Fellow of the CIPD, RSA and Royal Society of Medicine as well as being on the Registry of Qualified Test Users. Deborah is a Master NLP, Master Train the Trainer in NLP and Master Business Coach in NLP.

Deborah uses a variety of psychological and psychometric approaches to unlock the inner workings of her coachee’s. She also carries out Holistic Resilience Coaching using Biofeedback scientific data from her medical team partners on heart rate variability, cortisol levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Deborah has worked with a vast number of companies to help them align objectives, understanding success, develop the right mindsets and skills, challenge assumptions and drive for Gold.

She designs and leads world class teams on global year-long leadership development programmes and has run workshops in London, Moscow, Lisbon, Paris, New York, Washington, Texas, Prague, Singapore & Hong Kong and has lived in Brussels, Tokyo, Boston and Lisbon.

Her clients include Barclays, Diageo, The Defence Academy, MOD, Marriott, Whitbread, KPMG, PwC, Linklaters, IBM, BBC, British Airways, M&S, HSBC, JP Morgan, ASDA, BAE SYSTEMS, Colt, Blackwells, Babcock and UK Sport.

Deborah is also the author of three books on leadership and self-help published by the BBC in eight languages

Dr. Dorian Dugmore

Dr. Dorian Dugmore is an expert in Cardiovascular Health. He has been working in Cardiovascular Medicine and Wellness for 30 years and has written extensively on health, exercise and heart disease.

He is the Director of Wellness International which he founded with adidas UK to pioneer a new concept in Preventative Medicine and Wellness. The ‘adifit for LIFE’ programme has received World and European Best Practice Awards for Corporate Wellness.

Dorian has been featured on TV a number of times, including – ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’, focusing on stress, heart disease and football league management and BBC’s ‘Working Lunch’ focusing on the health of Chief Executives. Dorian is a renowned speaker at professional conferences as well as a Wellness coach for business organisations which have recently included Everything Everywhere, Sky, Greene King, Sodexo and Causeway.

Dorian is himself a former athlete and coach at National and International level; he has run 19 full marathons and coached the British World Student Games Soccer team at four consecutive World Games.

Dorian presents a compelling case for taking a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. His message is hugely motivational, as he outlines the changes that can be made to our lifestyle habits in order to avoid the health risks that will occur if we don’t. Dorian examines in particular the impact of poor lifestyle habits on cardiovascular health (as well as diabetes, cancer, etc.) in order to illustrate the impact that nutrition, exercise and stress play in relation to our wellbeing.

Dr. Kevin Dutton

Dr. Kevin Dutton is an expert on the science of social influence with a Ph.D in psychology.

Kevin is a research Psychologist at the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, associate fellow at the Royal Society of Medicine and also at the Society for Scientific Study of Psychopathy.

Kevin is the author of two books; Flipnosis – The Art of Split Second Persuasion, which documents his quest – from the political genius of Winston Churchill to the malign influence of some of the world’s top con artists – for the psychological ‘DNA’ of persuasion. His second book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths – Lessons in Life from Saints, Spies and Serial Killers, sees Kevin explore the positive side of being a psychopath, and discover, first hand, in a ground-breaking ‘How to make a psychopath’ experiment, what it’s like to be one.

Kevin is a highly entertaining and charismatic public speaker.


Dr. Lee Rice

Dr. Lee Rice is the CEO and Medical Director of Lifewellness Institute, a pioneer in the field of wellness and preventive medicine.

With more than twenty-five years’ experience as a family physician, he has become one of the premier medical experts on wellness in the United States. In 2001, he founded the Lifewellness Institute, a revolutionary healthcare facility focusing on health promotion.

Lee believes there are three areas that determine our health outcomes in life: genetics, behaviour and mind-set. He also knows that people die prematurely because of their health related choices. Fascinatingly, science can now prove that DNA is not our destiny and we can all make healthier lifestyle choices to affect our health and performance in the long-term.

Dr. Rice is a clinical professor at Western University of Health Sciences, the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and San Diego State University. In 2009, he became the Chairman of Integrative Medicine for National University, the second largest private university in the United States with 28 campuses. He has also served as team physician for many professional, Olympic and university teams, and as the Medical Director for four successive America’s Cup campaigns, including Oracle-BMW Racing. Lee is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Phil Hopley

Dr. Phil Hopley is an expert in stress, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and drug/alcohol problems.

Phil graduated in Medicine with Distinction from St Thomas’ Hospital London before training in General Adult and Forensic Psychiatry. He worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist with the NHS for seven years before founding LPP with Doctors Bell & Kruger in 2008. Phil now consults in central London and at the Roehampton Priory where he is Deputy Medical Director.

Phil’s passion is working with elite athletes and people in sport. He was honoured to lead the LPP team providing on-call specialist cover to the 10,000 competing athletes at the 2012 London Olympics. Phil also advises a range of organisations on people performance and psychological health issues. He is nationally recognised as an accomplished expert witness in a wide range of medico-legal areas.

Phil played rugby for London Wasps for a decade including two years as a semi-professional, representing England Students & the Barbarians. Despite years experimenting, he has found no better way of de-stressing than hitting a small white ball around the green fields of southern England.