[G-Research Briefing] The art of delegation and empowerment

Increasing your own personal productivity is just one benefit of effective delegation and empowerment. Learning the art of delegation isn’t always straightforward though. In this playlist of videos experienced leaders from a variety of backgrounds deliver inspiring insights about the way in which to delegate and empower others to nurture a more healthy and productive work environment.


This video playlist has been created to support the learning from the People Management training at Ashridge. View the videos to inspire your own thinking and refresh your motivation to put into action the great ideas we shared.


Dan Stembridge – Royal Navy Fighter Pilot, Senior Leader and Political Advisor
Dr. Frank Dick OBE – Performance Specialist, Coach & International Motivational Speaker
Mandy Hickson – Former Royal Air Force Fast Jet Pilot & Motivational Speaker
Professor Costas Markides – Chair of Strategic Leadership at the London Business School