Dan Stembridge MA FRAeS ADC RN

Former Navy Fighter Pilot and Team Culture Specialist

Dan is an operational test pilot, has flown fighter aircraft in combat to the edge of human endurance and landed 20 tonne planes onto the pitching deck of aircraft carriers at night. Dan offers a unique insight into this high-octane world, sharing valuable and relevant lessons in developing teams, strategic risk and decision-making under pressure.

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Dan is a former Royal Navy fighter pilot who has seen combat in major conflict zones. As a UK TOPGUN instructor, he went on to command an airbase of over 3,000 personnel. An influential thinker whose advice has been sought by government ministers, Dan is a former aide-de-camp to Her Majesty The Queen.

A highly experienced speaker with an engaging and interactive style, Dan is extremely skilled at gearing his material to the precise needs of his audience. He uses entertaining and dramatic stories to bring the desired messages to life. Audiences always find Dan’s talks gripping, relevant, thought-provoking and highly memorable.

Dan now runs his own consultancy where he teaches state of the art skills in leadership, resilience, building high performance teams and creating a winning business culture. Find out more on Dan’s website here.


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“Dan opened with: “I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking, what can a story about an Op as a fighter pilot have to do with your job…” And he was right, we were thinking that, but by the end, as a group we felt inspired, enlightened and were already thinking of ways to implement positive changes in our own business in terms of people management, processes, training and beyond. Dan has a spellbinding skill of distilling an incredibly complex subject into key points and behaviours that are applicable in any business or environment. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough!”

Hayley Hale – Head of Demand Planning at Williams Medical Supplies

“I find any opportunity to listen to Dan and draw upon his experience to be a fascinating one. Whilst his focus is naturally aligned to his considerable experiences of leadership in the Royal Navy, his reflections are ones upon which we can all relate beyond the military landscape into our own perspective. His style is both authentic and affable and serves any audience well.”

Shaun West – Chairman at COVID-19 National Foresight Group

“What is unique about Dan’s offering is his flexible approach to delivering a specific need but also his engaging and practical approach with the participants during the day itself. Dan has an extremely likable and down to earth approach and draws on his wide and impressive experience in everything he does. We would not hesitate in recommending Dan and we very much look forward to working with him in the future!”

Orla Dempsey – Learning and Engagement Manager at DCC Vital

“Danny’s perspective on team communication and problem solving through prioritising is truly inspiring. These are skills every leader will need to navigate this crisis and beyond!”

Alex Salussolia – MD at Glendola Leisure Group

“This might well turn out to be the best thing you read all day… Just spend a few minutes listening to what he has to say and you’ll begin to understand why I have taken the time to write this recommendation and why he could help transform your own company culture, post Covid-19. Highly recommend.”

Yaser Martini – Investor

“I’ve seen many, many speakers over the years, [Dan’s] session was a high point not only of the programme but of my decade. Dan drew upon his wealth of experience in different roles to offer us a huge number of actionable ideas and tools that as a team we return to time and again. Dan’s natural approach and fantastic likeability worked amazingly well and he effectively translated his experience as a flyer and made it relevant to us at Williams Medical Supplies.”

Tim Jarrett – Williams medical

“Dan brings a unique perspective on leadership that is incredibly relevant for the current issues that all organisations face in the global COVID-19 crisis. First and foremost, Dan knows the importance of engaging and supporting his team and being aware of their individuality. He knows what it is like to lead when the stakes are high and conditions are hostile. His methods and insights will be valuable to any business looking to cope with the current crisis and the recovery beyond.”

Paul Stanley – CEO at CNG Ltd

“I could not have made a better choice. His talk was relatable to the topic, intense and engaging to the point where you believed you were living the moment with him…I still have clients commenting on the talk. Danny has the unique skill of making any subject relatable to the audience in a truly inspirational way. I already have him booked in for a forthcoming event.”

Stuart Brown – Eight Wealth Management

“The real measure of Danny’s positive impact is the multiple requests that have followed for him to return and speak to various work groups ranging from hangar technicians to head office staff and the fact that months later people are still reflecting on and referring to the key messages he left his audience with.”

Sir Timo Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Flybe

“I find any opportunity to listen to Dan to be a fascinating one. Whilst his focus is naturally aligned to his considerable experiences of leadership in the Royal Navy, his reflections are ones upon which we can all draw beyond the military landscape into our own perspective. His style is both authentic and humorous and serves any audience well for generating wider debate.”

Shaun West, Assistant Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police

“Dan’s elegant recollections of his rare experiences in extreme risk military air combat situations demonstrate vividly the critical importance both of strong leadership and of building a team culture in organisations that succeed.”

Rear Admiral Tom Cunningham, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, Aviation and Carriers


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