[G-Research Briefing] Overcoming hurdles and persevering through setbacks

The pathway to success is never straightforward and leaders become derailed by the unexpected. But learning how to successfully overcome these hurdles will allow you to achieve greatness. In this playlist of videos hear from individuals who have persevered through their own setbacks and what these challenges have taught them.


These video insights are designed to support the learning from the People Management training at Ashridge. Use them to inspire you to find ways to overcome your own hurdles and reach your goals.

Lord Sebastian Coe CH KBE – President of the IAAF, Olympic Gold Medallist and Former MP
Dr. Kevin Dutton – Research Psychologist & Expert on the Science of Social Influence
Crista Cullen MBE – Olympic Gold Medal Winning English Field Hockey Player
Rasmus Ankersen – Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker