[Video] Reflecting on 12 months of Brilliant Minds

22 December 2015

As a digital Christmas gift to you, here are our Top 10 favourites – a mixture of thoughts from sportspeople, celebrities, fascinating specialists and even a futurist. Enjoy!


Dr Phil Hopley on why proportionality is the key to reducing pressure


Graeme Codrington on living with constant change


Sir Clive Woodward on Windows and Mirrors


Will Greenwood on marginal gains in sport and business


Frank Dick on life as a three lane highway


James Cracknell on why you shouldn’t let anyone set limits for you


Jason Bradbury on how the pace of changing technology is accelerating


Michel Roux Jr on success and adversity at Le Gavroche


Sahar Hashemi on how large organisations can lose touch with their customers


Mark Gallagher on engaged teams giving a competitive edge