Pete Lindsay

Pete Lindsay

Performance Psychologist and Former Head of Psychology at the English Institute of Sport

Whether he’s consulting for Michelin starred chefs, senior executives from tech start-ups or leaders from FTSE 100’s, Pete specialises in “problem cleaning” and performance enhancement to get swift results. He has a strong background in sport and currently works with a Premier League Football Club as Performance Psychologist.

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Prior to launching Mindflick®, Pete was Head of Psychology at the English Institute of Sport and supported teams from Formula 1, professional football and individual Olympians.

Pete holds an Education Master of Science (MSc) from Sheffield Hallam University. He has held positions at the University of Derby and Sheffield Hallam University.

His work in the Olympic sphere saw him work closely with the GB Boxing team, which was the most cost effective sport in terms of medals to investment at London 2012. Pete has also worked with British Gymnastics, Professional Snooker, and is currently Team Psychologist for a leading Formula 1 team.

In addition to his work in the sporting arena Pete is bringing relevant tools and techniques to the business world. Developed at a young age, Pete’s fascination with problem solving has driven him to explore cutting edge approaches to developing change in individuals, teams and organisations. Exploring contemporary thinking in problem formation and resolution has provided Pete with the tools to facilitate change quickly and effectively.

Pete has previously worked within the financial sector as an Analyst working in encryption, and has led consultancy teams within academic institutions.

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Performing under pressure

Pig Wrestling: Clean your thinking to create the change you need

Pig Wrestling is a simple fable with a powerful message. Whenever we find ourselves wrestling with a sticky situation, we need to stop struggling and instead take the time to clean our thinking. Via a short story about a young manager who is struggling to create the change that he needs, this book introduces the principles of ‘Problem Cleaning’ in a truly memorable way. Based upon the authors' work with many of the world’s best performers, the ‘Problem Cleaning’ framework provides us with the tools to create change whenever and wherever we need it most...

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Shortlist for Writers' Award XXX 'Perception':

Mark Bessoudo, Canada
Katherine Kassouf Cummings, USA
Elizabeth Denley, AU
Joel Down, Spain
Magdalena Kersting, Norway
Malina McLennan, UK
Chin Wei Ong, UK
Ben Reeves, AU
Josephine Tan, Singapore
Min Wah Voon, AU


This is such a great walkthrough of a creative process...

||NEW PAPER|| A Framework of Single-Session Problem-Solving in Elite Sport: A Longitudinal, Multi-Study Investigation - great to see this published at the end of last year with @timjpitt @petelindsay Prof Hanton & Dr Bawden #appliedresearch @eis2win

We're really looking forward to this one next week, as Matthew Syed and Andrew Strauss talk all things cognitive diversity 🧠

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