Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn

Architect and Biomimicry and Sustainability Expert

Michael established the architecture firm Exploration in 2007 to focus on environmentally sustainable projects that take their inspiration from nature. Prior to setting up the company, Michael was central to the team that radically re-invented horticultural architecture for the Eden Project.

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Michael Pawlyn is a passionate advocate of, and keynote speaker on biomimicry and sustainable architecture.

Michael believes there are substantial gains to be made by learning about how the natural world works and in 2007 established Exploration to focus exclusively on environmentally sustainable projects that take their inspiration from nature. In 2008 Exploration was short-listed for the Young Architect of the Year Award and the internationally renowned Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

Michael was one of the lead architects on the Eden Project and in 2011 became one of only a small handful of architects to have a talk posted on TED.com. His work includes a carbon neutral method for regenerating waste, and the revolutionary Sarah Forest Project which mimics the Namibian fog-basking beetle’s ability to create its own fresh water. The impacts of this project have the potential to reverse the process of desertification in deserts while generating large amounts of renewable solar energy.

Michael has lectured widely on the subject of sustainable design in the UK and abroad and has delivered talks at the Royal Society of Arts with Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, as well as at Google’s annual ‘Zeitgeist’ conference. Michael is also a member of The Edge, the environmental think tank.

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Biomimicry in Architecture

Aimed at architects, urban designers and product designers, this new edition of Biomimicry in Architecture looks to the natural world to achieve radical increases in resource efficiency. Packed with case studies predicting future trends, this edition also contains updated and expanded chapters on structures, materials, waste, water, thermal control and energy, as well as an all-new chapter on light. An amazing sourcebook of extraordinary design solutions, Biomimicry in Architecture is a must-read for anyone preparing for the challenges of building a sustainable and restorative future.

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It was also part of the inspiration for our Biomimetic Office - the mirror structures in its eyes led us to the idea of large reflective surfaces in the atrium to bounce light into the lower floors #biomimicry

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Polish Architects Declare is also live today, https://t.co/VbpMDkGlXU taking the number of #architectsdeclare sites to 18

Great that @BBCr4today has started monthly climate check. Would be even better if we had weekly reports on all nine of @KateRaworth planetary limits in #doughnuteconomics . Whether we are on track for survival is far more important than the daily stock market report

Definitely definitely worth listening to whole programme. Well done @Jojo_Mehta and all doing the strategic work to change law to respect and protect rights of nature https://t.co/QlMlTgHZ8J

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