Katy Brown

Purpose-led strategist, hands-on doer and social entrepreneur.

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After 10 years climbing the wrong ladder, Katy is currently the co-founder and Managing Director of Skylark Works, a purpose-led consultancy helping businesses do good and charities do business. She has over 10 years of diverse, global experience in management consulting and financial services, coupled with a passion for, and commitment to, meaningful purpose and social impact.  

Katy’s career has seen her experience a corporate crisis first-hand, being a management team and board member at Woodford Investment Management, the UK’s most famous fund manager, during their very public fall from grace in 2019. The Woodford story unravelled amidst unprecedented press coverage and intense public, industry and regulatory scrutiny, teaching Katy what it takes to personally survive a professional crisis. The redundancy that followed was a blessing in disguise, making what would have otherwise seemed an impossibly big decision – the decision to walk away and find a different, more meaningful, path – remarkably easy. 

Alongside her day job, Katy is a trained crisis volunteer with Shout, the UK’s crisis text service. She’s supported over 75 people going through a crisis, from suicide, self-harm and abuse to depression and anxiety. 

Katy’s experiences are set against the backdrop of debilitating chronic illness, which leaves her in significant daily pain. It has taught her patience and perseverance, acceptance and adaptation. And she’s learned it’s important to be brave sometimes and talk about the things we carry around with us that we never envisaged having to. 

Hold on to your integrity. This is a story where purpose and values guide us, where grit gets you through and where our greatest freedom is in how we respond to things.  

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