Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless

Internationally Renowned Inspirational Speaker and Adviser to Business

Jim is the author of "Taming Tigers" and was elected a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in recognition of his business writing. Previously, Jim practiced commercial law in the City of London. Taming Tigers has been used as a framework within companies globally to create successful change.

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Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers. Over half a million people on five continents have been entertained and inspired by Jim’s presentations and many more by his bestselling book “Taming Tigers” (Random House).

Jim acts as an elite team coach at board level and serves as a non-executive board chairman. He has advised companies globally on creating cultural change and elite teams. He has designed and implemented successful change programmes in companies including Apple, Barclaycard, Atos, Axa, BT, Aramark, Skrill Group and Badminton England.

He insists on testing his principles on himself before advising others, using “Taming Tigers” to become Britain’s deepest freediver. He is the first Briton to dive below the magic 100m barrier on a single breath of air.

In response to an audience challenge, he proved “Taming Tigers” by becoming a jockey in 12 months. At the outset he was 3 stone (20kg) too heavy and could not ride.

These adventures – and the lessons he learned – bring him and his methodology immediate credibility with audiences on all continents.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Laws degree, qualified as a solicitor and practiced commercial law in the City of London and in a major IT company before founding Taming Tigers Limited (formerly “Optimise”). He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in 2008 in recognition of his business writing.

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Performing under pressure

“I cannot overestimate the positive impact he had at a time when we needed it the most.”

Andy Blackett, Senior Buying Manager, Tesco


“I have worked with Jim on stage at three high-profile Barclaycard leaders’ conferences. Not only is he engaging, challenging, inspiring and very funny, but he delivers a practical, compelling model for achieving results – which he has risked his life on the racecourse to prove.”

Gary Hoffman, Group Vice Chairman, Barclays


“It’s the subtly that speaks the most and for me Jim was the most inspirational having been to a comprehensive and a non-elite university, and still achieved amazing goals with no leg-up to signal he’s from a privileged background.”

A 2017 Brilliant Minds Showcase attendee

Taming Tigers: Do things you never thought you could

Everybody has a Tiger. It is the thing that snarls at us when we think about making a change in our lives and stops us developing and achieving our potential. In Taming Tigers Jim Lawless shares his proven and inspirational training programme to help you achieve your dreams by taming the Tigers in your life. Now for the first time, you can learn how to use these highly practical rules to overcome your fears and do things you never thought you could - in both your professional and private life...

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Don’t know how I missed this. This made my day. Teach them young.

A pleasure working on leading, inspiring and managing the emotions of the organisation through the transition to a #betternormal with @mikeettling and the @Unit4Global global leadership team.

Thanks all for the great interactions and discussion.

Thank you https://t.co/YkJKaqmxOm for last week's pan-Russian online session on Lectorium 2020. As my book is titled in Russian: “Go Where You Are Scared”!
Special thanks to Daria, Maria, Anastasia, Sergey & Igor for their support. You guys make online events a unique experience.

At #TheRecoverySummit by @SpeakerWorld I will deliver to 2000 participants my Manifesto for People-Centred #change - a blueprint for creating #resilient organisations & reducing the #mentalhealth & #wellbeing crisis.
Free tickets: https://t.co/rrFBBb2q2F

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