Jeff Grout

Business Speaker, Consultant and Coach

Listed in the ‘100 Best Business Speakers in Britain’, Jeff will inform and inspire any size of audience. Whether in the role of keynote speaker, conference chair or interviewer, he will both challenge the audience and bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

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Listed in the ‘100 Best Business Speakers in Britain’ Jeff is a sought after public speaker acting variously as a business speaker, conference chairman and interviewer.

Jeff was formerly UK Managing Director of a leading international recruitment consultancy and Business Manager to Sir Clive Woodward. His clients include British Airways, Ernst & Young, Amazon, Barclays, Harrods, Deloitte, Virgin, HSBC, Henley Business School, the Danish Centre for Leadership and the League Managers Association. He is a successful business author: ‘What do Leaders Really do?’ was published in 2007 and ‘What You Need to Know about Leadership’ in 2011.

Most recently he has interviewed a number of entrepreneurs and leaders including Jason Leonard, Lord Coe, Greg Dyke, Lord Sugar, Sven Goran-Eriksson, Michael Parkinson, Bob Geldolf and others, providing wonderful anecdotes and insights for his speeches.

The topics he covers in his presentations include: What do leaders really do?; Building High Performance Teams; Leading Change; Sporting Lessons for Business; and the Characteristics of Success.

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Performing under pressure

“I found the talk not only very challenging and inspiring but also exceptionally practical. You shared two or three ‘gems’ about team building and analysing team members which I will put into practice.”

Paul Evans, Managing Director, Blom Aerofilms


“It was wonderful to see you speak and your messages backed up (or challenged) some of the material present throughout the rest of the programme. It stimulated plenty of debate and it was useful to be able to refer back to the core concepts when we came on to working with the group on coaching.”

David D’Souza, HR Consultant, Stonehage


“I absolutely loved the breakfast this morning. And it was fascinating to see the effect it had on the group. One lady next to me from Barclays said she’d learned more in an hour than she has in years of reading/ courses/ training and general learning on the job. It was very inspiring.”

Vicki Brookes, Director of Entertainment PR , BskyB

What Do Leaders Really Do?: Getting under the skin of what makes a great leader tick

What Do Leaders Really Do? Looks into the everyday working lives of well–known leaders in a variety of fields – business, sport and the armed forces – in order to identify the elements that encourage people to follow where they lead. Drawing on the experiences of a wide range of leaders with varying backgrounds and roles, as well as a range of respected academics and management writers, this book will closely analyze the background, experiences and behavior of a diverse set of leaders...

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What You Need to Know about Leadership

Business Needs Leaders. Every day, good and bad leaders make and break organisations. If you want to get anywhere in your career, showing leadership is crucial. So what do you really need to know about leadership?...

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Much recruitment occurs as a result of a knee-jerk reaction in response to a member of staff resigning.
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The manager sho…

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The Cranfield study suggests that by decluttering your agenda to focus on…

“What you do speaks so loudly that I do not hear what you say” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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