Jamie Edwards

Jamie Edwards

Leadership Specialist, Consultant, Coach and founder of The Strategic Purpose Company.

Jamie inspires, motivates and enables leaders at all levels to Solve Motivation® by putting purpose at the heart of what they do. He is a Purpose Maker who built an $800m market leading business by persuading his teams to go ‘ALL IN’. In his talks he shows others how they can do the same by making purpose easy®.

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Jamie is the CEO and founder of Purpose Republic who are ‘Solving Engagement® to create a world worth working in’.

Jamie helps leaders use purpose as a transformative catalyst to ignite passion, performance and growth. An International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Co-Active (CTI) professional leadership coach, he holds a 1st Class Honours Degree and is Harvard Business School Alumni.

During his career he has lived and worked in New York, Toronto and London, advising many of the world’s most iconic brands such as Starbucks, P&G, Disney, BMW, Diageo, VW, Audi, Heinz, Philips, Mars Wrigley and Warner Brothers. He is a visiting lecturer at St Mary’s University and is writing the book, CONDUIT: Why every leader needs a Massive Transformative Purpose.

In 2002 Jamie helped launch a ground-breaking communications agency helping build and grow the business from a blank piece of paper into 28 markets with $2.5 billion in client billings by disrupting market conventions.

Passionate about helping leaders accelerate business growth, while simultaneously creating massive transformative impact for society, Jamie has a particular interest in why neuro-science makes purpose so powerful.

His company helps leaders use purpose strategically to ignite increased levels of passion, peak-performance and growth in their employees and business. Using a powerful, evidence based three-step ‘blue-print’, his talk makes becoming purpose driven and more authentic accessible and actionable for leaders at all levels.


How to create the world’s most powerful competitive advantage

Jack Ma (Alibaba), Elon Musk (Tesla) and other game-changing leaders all have a ‘Massive Transformative Purpose’. Three quarters of leaders say Purpose is essential to their business yet only a fraction know how to use it strategically. Those that do have employee satisfaction levels up to 100% more than others and share price returns up to 14 X stock market average. Research shows leaders can use three powerful ‘Purpose Drivers’ to turn their purpose into profit.

How to persuade everyone to go ALL IN at work

Over three quarters of people at work don’t want to be there, leading to apathy, low productivity, clock watching, job hopping and even subversion. Conversely in organisations where employees find purpose and meaning in their work they are up to 3X more engaged and up to 5X more loyal. To engage, motivate and inspire others to action, leaders need to think of themselves as the ‘Chief Meaning Officer’. To do so they can apply three powerful ‘Motivation Multipliers’ that research and neuroscience show create meaning for and motivate employees to go ‘ALL IN’.

How to inspire trust, create loyalty and fuel collaboration

Employees are more likely to trust their hairdresser than they are their leaders or managers. Trust is essential in creating psychological safety, motivation and peak-performance and loyalty but trust levels in business are at an all-time low. Compared with low-trust companies, employees at high-trust companies report: 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 76% more engagement and 74% less stress. To create trust, leaders can use five simple and powerful ‘Trust Builders’ that neuroscience research shows, cause others to trust you.

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Employee Engagement

“Made me rethink the basic fundamentals of success.”

Winston J. Zahra, CEO, GG Hospitality Group


“Brilliant. Any leader who needs to motivate and engage millennials needs purpose.”

Mark Hamill, Chairman, Spengler Fox


“A must for any leader looking to grow their business and motivate their teams.”

Amar Chanari, CEO, Social Good Ventures


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