James Pearce

Journalist, BBC Sport Presenter & Olympic Games Correspondent

James uses his experience from over twenty years of conducting interviews with sporting icons and even 5 of the UK's most recent Prime Ministers to deliver a masterclass on effective communication. His thought provoking insights have the ability to transform the way you approach any important conversation.

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James has reported from eight Olympic Games, representing the BBC as their Olympic Correspondent for the 2012 London Games.

His insights from more than a quarter of a century as a leading BBC broadcaster for television and radio outlets, ranging from the Today programme to Newsnight, give him an invaluable perspective on effective communication. He translates these findings into valuable messages for business leaders.

James has helped to transform the reputation of his highest profile clients, which include the likes of the England football team and a number of FTSE 100 CEO’s. More recently, James has moved into the world of corporate speaking. His teachings enable audiences to prepare key messages and then deliver them with maximum effect.

James has the ability to teach the art of handling difficult questions from colleagues or clients without losing the trust of your questioner – an essential tool for so many of us. When staff have these invaluable skills a business is able to become so much more robust. James truly delivers an entertaining and extremely educational talk. You will quickly understand how James has transformed the mindset of his clients.


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Performance under pressure

“I attend numerous conferences, and James Pearce’s talk on communications is the single standout speech from all that I have ever seen. It’s not often that you leave a conference with your mind opened up to a whole new way of thinking. This is going to improve the way that I communicate with clients and colleagues, and I am so excited to be able to put some of these ideas into practice.”

Louis Howarth, Branch Manager, Howarth Timber and Building Supplies


“James was great at giving us the confidence we need to communicate clearly and easily. We would highly recommend”

Jackie Antas, PR Director, Ticketmaster


“Not only did everyone come away with lots of insight and practical tips on getting the message across, we all had an excellent day full of laughter.”
Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications, Kuoni


I’m devastated. I was at university with James. We shared a passion for journalism + both dedicated much more time to the university’s radio station than studies. We remained friends. His politics was only a small part of him. He was a family man, a loving and very lovely person

Jacques Rogge was calm, courteous and collaborative. Precisely what the IOC needed when he became President. It was always a pleasure spending time with him, but more than that, I always came away from a meeting feeling wiser and happy that the IOC was in very safe hands

.@NickHopeTV has spent past 2 weeks proving immense value of a reporter who is close to athletes, somebody they can trust in heat of Olympics. He’s done this while knowing his job is closing. Nick, you’re a good man and a fine broadcaster - @BBCSport is really going to miss you

Congratulations @Tokyo2020 - You drew the short straw in terms of timing, but you’ve put on a remarkable Games considering vast challenges faced. The athletes who’ve been given the chance to compete and the TV viewers who’ve been entertained and inspired owe you huge gratitude

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