Iwan Thomas

Iwan Thomas MBE

British 400M Record Holder, TV Presenter and Athletics Events host

Iwan is without doubt one of the finest 400m runners that Britain has ever seen. Securing medals at all major championships, Iwan still holds the British 400m record, after 20 years. He is a TV presenter on the BBC and Channel 4.

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Iwan is without doubt one of the finest 400m runners that Britain has ever seen. Securing medals at all major championships, Iwan still holds the British 400m record of 44.36s, after 20 years. Not only talented in Athletics, Iwan competed internationally in BMXing, where he was ranked 4th in Europe.

Iwan stormed the athletics scene in the 1998 winning Gold in the 400m and the 4x400m at the European Championships in Budapest. That same year, he represented Europe against the other continents of the World at the World Cup in South Africa, again winning medals in both events, he then flew straight to the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur where he became champion of the Commonwealth winning a bronze medal for Wales in the 4x400m relay, and a gold in the 400m.

He was part of the Channel 4 team at the World Championships in Daegu and did a series of features which helped to motivate young people to get active with a year to go until the London Olympics.

Iwan is an experienced TV presenter with regular features on BBC’s The One Show, which has seen him report on a wide variety of topics; in addition to hosting all the major British Athletics events. Most recently, Iwan has survived ‘The Island’ with Bear Grylls.

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Performing under pressure

“It wasn’t easy getting to his goal but then having got there to have suffered injuries we meant he couldn’t continue must of been quite difficult. So to then pick yourself up and focus on new challenges is a great inspiration to us all.”

Clare Cook, Strategic Account Manager at DS Smith


“Iwan had the most impact throughout the day for me as he spoke with such conviction.”

Jan Lewis, Managing Associate at gobeyond


“Iwan Thomas brought a tear to my eye hearing about his total commitment, determination and hard work to achieve his goals, hearing about his successes and then disappointment about early retirement.”

Mary Owen, Strategic Account Manager at DS Smith


Ahead of the #Tokyo2020 #Olympics, @Iwanrunner reflects on his mental struggles after an injury-plagued career forced him into retirement.

Listen to the full conversation with @Mattjohnsons on the Movember In The Barber Chair podcast.

Just been reminded on this exact day, 13th of July 1997 I broke the British record. I’m so proud as I sit here slightly old that it still stands… 24yrs and counting #proud

I’ve been quiet on here because quite frankly this can be a really toxic place. Much love to the whole England team they did brilliantly (coming from a proud Welshman) ps any racists on here #DoOne

Yes I’m a bloke who likes the pub, loves football, cars and beers - Never be afraid to share the true you… I LOVE nothing more than snuggling with my son. Social media isn’t real but you can be ❤️

I know I’m biased but I literally could stare at him all day and wonder how on earth did I produced something this cute… Then the terrible 2’s kick in, he pisses on the floor and reality hits me #dadlife

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