Gavin Quinney

Gavin Quinney

Entrepreneur, Vineyard Owner and Former IT Sales Director

Gavin left a great job running the UK sales force of a fast-growing computer business in the late-90s, and bought Chateau Bauduc near Bordeaux, producing upmarket house wines for leading British Chefs Gordon Ramsay and Rick Stein. He writes for the UK trade magazine Harpers Wine & Spirit.

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Gavin Quinney runs a 75 acre vineyard, Chateau Bauduc near Bordeaux, producing upmarket house wines for leading British chefs Gordon Ramsay and Rick Stein. He also sells the vineyard’s wine direct to people at home in the UK.

A former IT Sales Director, Gavin shares the journey he has been on since he chose to leave behind all the trappings of success, living and working in London. He moved his family to France in 1999 to run a vineyard and proceeded to break all the rules of the wine trade!

Gavin is also a well-known wine writer, having been the Bordeaux critic for Harpers Wine and Spirit magazine since the 2005 vintage, and is a regular contributor to Jancis Robinson’s website and to Liv-ex, the global fine wine site. Each year Gavin tastes the new wines of the leading 500 châteaux, both from the barrel and again after bottling. He describes it as “a teeth-staining labour of love, but someone’s got to do it”.

Gavin, whose Chateau Bauduc has been the house wine at Gordon Ramsay’s and Rick Stein’s restaurants since 2000, is a passionate wine lover and entertaining speaker. He is very happy to share that passion and knowledge with guests through wine tasting sessions as part of an event activity or dinner.

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