Fiona Harvey

Fiona Harvey

Award Winning Environment Journalist with over 20 years’ experience

During her journalistic career Fiona has covered all environmental issues from climate change, emissions trading, renewable energy, pollution, agriculture and environmental regulation. Fiona is currently the environment correspondent for The Guardian, prior to which she worked at the Financial Times.

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Fiona is currently the environment correspondent for The Guardian, prior to this role she worked at the Financial Times for over a decade as their environmental correspondent.

Fiona has gained a wealth of knowledge in this field, reporting on every major environmental issue, from the Arctic to the Amazon. Fiona has interviewed an array of people including: Ban Ki-moon, Tony Blair, Al Gore and Jeff Immelt.

She has subsequently won an accolade of awards ranging from the British Environment and Media Awards, Foreign Press Association (she has won this award twice) and the Society of Environmental Journalist. In 2007 Fiona was named as one of the 1,000 most influential people in London by the Evening Standard.

Fiona has also written on a freelance basis for Scientific American, the New Scientist and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Decision Making


📚 I’ve been nominated by @MrRichardC to post covers of #7books I love 💚
No reviews, no explanations, just covers. With each post I'll nominate someone else to take up the challenge.
Day 7 nominee: @fionaharvey

GK Chesterton on the anarchism of the rich, 1908.

Tonight’s vote on the Brady amendment is a microcosm of the 2016 leave vote itself: everyone can support an unspecified “alternative” - trouble comes when you have to decide what that alternative is

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to prevent the “catastrophe” of no-deal Brexit, but his head of digital campaigning Ben Soffa has sold software to three campaigns pushing for No Deal, our report is here


"Crisis" at Natural England, agency responsible for protecting environment, threatens sensitive sites across country.

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