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[Video] Top of the class

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Some believe that 10,000 hours of practice are what’s needed to become world-class in any field. A master knows everything about their subject, their industry. They commit to however much work it will take, they get as many people on the job as needed and they make sure every area is up to the highest [...]

[Video] Getting in the zone

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It’s five minutes to ‘go time’ and suddenly you are panicked. How do you get your head in the game and pull off the performance you have been working towards? Our experts discuss overcoming nerves and getting in the zone.

[Video] Follow your gut

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Sometimes big decisions can make us freeze up or over-analyse. But to keep things moving forward in our careers and our businesses we have to be able to trust our gut instincts. Your instinct can be honed through training and experience. Other times you may need to dig deeper into yourself and listen to your [...]

[Video] Is your roadmap up to the journey?

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Do you know where you are headed and importantly, do you know how to get there? Our experts suggest that planning and practice are integral to achieving success. Setting goals and building yourself a roadmap to get there can be as important as, if not more than, actually taking action. Having a robust plan can [...]

[Video] Seven pillars of performance

According to Simon Shepard, Optima-Life, there are 7 key pillars we need to look that indicate how we are performing. What we eat, how we think, and what surrounds us all feed into making us the best we can be.

[Video] We simply cannot do it alone

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  How long would you last alone on a desert island? Not long? Even the smartest, most powerful, experienced people can’t succeed without a little bit of help from friends, family, and colleagues. In these videos our experts discuss the people who contributed inspiration, encouragement and competition to push them to where they are now.