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[Video] Taming the Tiger

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Is fear holding you back from achieving what you really want to achieve? We have evolved to be prepared for any dangers that may approach us in the jungle, but what about in the office? Our experts discuss understanding fear and finding the confidence to reach our full potential.

[Video] Living on the edge

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Life and death, violence and love – extreme concepts to face on a daily basis. But for some people this is their job, their calling even. Three extreme professionals explain how they find the courage, motivation and focus to work on the edge.

[Video] No courage without fear – how to step beyond the edge

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Fear is inevitable, but it can be used to our advantage. We all face risky and challenging situations in life. These are also the moments that help us grow and move forward. Our experts discuss how fear can be healthily embraced to encourage individuals out of their comfort zones and towards their goals.

[Video] Are you an energiser or an energy sapper?

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Motivation needs maintenance. A good leader or coach will understand an individual’s drivers and remind them of their own desires and intentions. It is also vital to become aware of how we may be demotivating and limiting people without even realising, as our experts discuss in these videos.

[Video] Where do you find inspiration?

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Inspiration is not only for artists or those with creative skills. We all need inspiration to give us direction in life. Inspiration is food for the soul. The problem is most of us do not know what really inspires us, what drives us to be better or to be the person we want to be. [...]

Be honest – are you good at feedback?

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Feedback can be incredibly transformative when delivered in the right way but how do we build a feedback-rich culture? During this digital briefing our experts share their tips on how to establish honest, two-way, trusted feedback and the benefits of doing so.