We understand that in today’s connected economy, businesses need to have digital strategies to engage consumers and stakeholders using the right tools and platforms. So in January 2015, Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd “went digital”. This is a significant extension to our existing “real world” business lines and leads to exciting possibilities for clients and partners.

We’ve not embarked on this journey alone.  We are working in partnership with – a business which helps industry bodies and market leaders adapt to the networked economy where fundamental business assumptions are changing fast.

In addition to the significant work we’ve previously undertaken for clients, Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd can now help you to create digital offerings, organise your market networks, and collaborate with allies, customers and stakeholders in new ways.

Industry Engagement platforms help you to energise audiences, grow stakeholder networks, deliver digital products, and measure success in realtime.

Whether you are a global enterprise, industry body, or business consultancy, a successful business development strategy depends on engaging your audiences via digital. Engagement platforms can be used to build your sales, take product digital, increased web traffic, or build your social networks, reputation or following.

  • Energise your audiences: We help organisations energise their audiences by creating editorial style digital content – especially engaging video. Sophisticated consumers are not just interested in content about your products and services. Engagement, particularly on social channels, requires high quality publishing focussed on issues people care about. Specifically we help organisations to collaborate on content creation with influencers, partners, customers and consumers to produce content which is authentic and relevant.
  • Activate your networks: Most businesses understand the importance of social media as a marketing channel. However there is a valuable digital dividend to be reaped by organising wider industry networks in your favour. Studies show that businesses which take a truly networked approach will be more successful. This means organising networks of stakeholders, allies, influencers and customers and collaborating with them in a meaningful way. As most corporates lack the internal capabilities to take this approach, yBC’s engagement platforms and processes are the perfect way to compete against smaller, more nimble organisations that naturally operate this way.
  • Co-create and collaborate with eLearning and eProducts: We offer a proprietary eLearning platform for clients and partners.  Our eLearning platform is mobile ready and can be deployed swiftly to deliver an agreed training programme or other digital products.  We also deliver bespoke digital products to help businesses engage more directly with clients and customers. These product platforms not only deliver services more efficiently. They also generate rich data and insights which can be used for future projects and to improve business processes.

Our partners at yBC are also able to offer Digital Agency services, which includes rapid website development.