2015 is an incredibly exciting year for us.  On the 27th of January 2015 Harvey stood in front of 150 senior business contacts at Lords and announced that alongside all of our face-to-face events, meetings and activities, our business is going digital.

Does this mean we’re all getting smartphones?  No, we got those some time ago!

  • We’ll be keeping in touch more closely with our most valued contacts, clients and allies, and we aim to add value to your business every time we connect with you.
  • We’ll be building a digital engagement platform so that we can develop, test and roll out clever tools, services and products to new markets and existing clients.
  • We’ll be offering a suite of digital products – intelligent, flexible and scalable products alongside our existing products.  This will help you to provide access to some of our best speakers and experts, much deeper into your organisation – with obvious results.
  • We’re collaborating with our speakers to provide new and exciting content for our clients to enjoy.
  • We’ll be present and active on relevant social media and digital platforms.
  • We’ll make it easier for people like you to find us online.
  • … and much more.

We’re not doing this alone.  We’re partnering with a brilliant firm called yBC which focusses on building digital engagement platforms.  Watch this space.