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[Video] Talent alone is not enough

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What does it take to be a success? You need some level of talent or ability. But, as our experts discuss in these videos; support, ambition, dedication and learning from experience are all just as important.

[Video] Staying resilient in a relentless world

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A new year has begun and is time to refocus on our goals. But we live in a relentlessly demanding world and there are no signs that this will let up in 2018. As we set out into the new year it is important to remember that good health and downtime will be vital to [...]

[Video] Brilliant Minds Highlights 2017

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This year our Brilliant Minds speakers have shared some incredibly inspiring and enlightening messages. They got us thinking about self-awareness, leadership, creativity and confidence and we hope you found their insights useful too. Here are our top 12 favourite clips from the last 12 months covering some key topics from 2017 that we think will [...]

[Video] Finding Confidence – Know what you have to offer

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Confidence is key to almost everything in life. That is well known. But how do you build up that all important confidence, and how do you deal with doubt when it creeps in? In these videos, our experts discuss finding your inner self-belief.

[Video] How to tap into your creative side

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Creativity is instrumental to progress. We might not all think of ourselves as creative people, but the potential for great ideas is in each of us. Our experts have advice for finding inspiration and stretching our creative muscles.

[Video] Why you should fail more

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When was the last time you failed? Our experts suggest that you should try and fail more often. Allowing yourself the room to fail can improve learning, creativity, innovation and ultimately increase your success.